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  • Meet Shanna Kurpe

    Meet Shanna Kurpe

  • A Friendly, Fun & Creative Marketing Professional

    A Friendly, Fun & Creative Marketing Professional



ROI-Driven Marketer


Industry & Brand Expert


Award-Winning Researcher


Inspiring Speaker & Educator

Professional Marketing Consultant

I’m sure you have the best intentions with your marketing strategies. You want to watch your company grow, you want to generate more qualified leads from people who will actually buy from you, and you want, so badly, to close more sales – but somewhere, something (or someone) is holding you back! You are frustrated.

You might be thinking that hiring a new employee might help – perhaps a Marketing Director or Senior Marketing Specialist. But will they really get passionate about your business? And will they have what it takes to grow your business to the next level? Employees are great – but when we are talking about strategically growing your business you need more than 5 years of experience and a marketing degree. You need a growth strategist.

Better yet, you need a team of growth strategists. A team of people you can rely on. A group of marketing experts, but more importantly, a passionate team of creative professionals who understand your business, and treat it like their own!

How would a team like that change your business?

I think your business would change dramatically. It would grow dramatically! Why? Because I’ve watched it happen time and time again for my clients. I’ve watched businesses grow right before my very eyes all because at some point, they made a choice to add the right marketing partner to their team. You can make that choice, too!

As a professional marketing consultant and growth strategist, I do a lot of things – but most importantly, I’ve built a team of passionate, creative professionals that help businesses grow!

If you want to know more, then you’re in the right place. You can browse my marketing services, check out my marketing portfolio or explore my growing library of marketing resources.

But – if you are ready to get serious about your marketing strategy and want to watch your business grow – then please contact me directly. It’s the quickest way to results!

Marketing Portfolio

Marketing Resources

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    My Blog Has Moved

    NewsHello all, I wanted to let you know that I will no longer be actively blogging on this website. Instead, you can find articles related to business, entrepreneurialism, marketing and technology at my new...
  • 29Aug

    Define User Profiles – Give the Gift of Relevant Content

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Marketing Services

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Tell Your Brand Story

Branding Services

Every company has a story – and yours is your most powerful asset. It’s the element that sets you apart from your competition, and emotionally connects you with your audience. It’s the reason you’re in business, and the driving motivation that will keep you in business for years to come.

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Take Control of Your Web Presence

Internet Marketing Services

There’s a lot of hype around digital marketing, and leveraging the Internet can be confusing. That’s why many companies rely on my Internet Marketing expertise. Together, we'll create a strategy that strengthens your brand and grows your business.

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Establish Thought Leadership

Content Marketing Services

Become the leading advisor and resource within your industry. Together, we will create useful and relevant content for your audience while simultaneously supporting the sales cycle.

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Generate More Leads and Sales

Conversion Marketing Services

Stop spinning your wheels about how to get more customers, and start putting effective inbound marketing strategies to work. I'll help you create a conversion marketing strategy that will generate leads and convert sales.

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Improve Customer Loyalty

Relationship Marketing Services

Business is and will always be about relationships. It’s all about whom you know – and more importantly, who knows you. I'm sure you already have a lot of great relationships – from customers and prospects, to employees and vendors. So let's create a strategy that allows you to keep in touch with them and ensure reoccurring revenue and referrals.

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Engage Your Employees

Internal Marketing Services

It’s important to keep your employees committed to your brand values and mission by engaging and informing them through effective internal communications. Just as you would launch a campaign to engage your customers and prospects, your business can use integrated marketing best practices to effectively communicate with your employees.

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